Plan it, live it, love it.

It’s a bit of a travel mantra for us. We want to see it all and we like to plan ahead, so whether we’re going somewhere for a weekend, a week or a month, we research it and plan it.

That said, planning doesn’t mean we lock ourselves into itineraries and can’t be spontaneous. Plans change, especially when you’re in new and unfamiliar places.

The real joys of travel happen in finding that hidden beach by accident, meeting those awesome people and staying an extra day, or learning about an amazing new local experience. Planning just means we can make more informed choices about what we do and don’t do along the way.

That includes making decisions about destinations, experiences, operators and stays that help us to travel responsibly and sustainably wherever we can, with awareness, care and a conscience.

We want to make every travel moment count: to make the most of the time we have for travel, and to do right by the beautiful planet we’re privileged to explore.

We’re really happy you’re here, and we hope you find the inspiration, tips and itinerary suggestions that help you dream, plan and then experience an unforgettable trip.

If you have any questions at all though, or if you’re in the same corner of the world as us and you’re up for a coffee or a beer, drop a comment in the box below!