5 Best Places in Indonesia to Pop the Question

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sadly it is the Valentine’s Day of 2021 and we are still stuck at home. But look on the bright side, what better time to prepare your proposal. (Yes, I mean that inevitable proposal when your love accidentally survives the COVID-19 pandemic.) And if you ask me, I’ll ship every two lovebirds to Indonesia, where you can look right and left and the prompt to the big question would just come naturally to you.

So here are the top five suggestions, based on the assumption that you would want a little early honeymoon right after hearing a yes.

1. Ubud, Bali

Bali is one of the best island in Indonesia. One of the famous city in Bali is Ubud. It is a paradise for couples from all over the world who are looking for a romantic place. The natural atmosphere which is green, calm and beautiful, as well as the sound of the gurgling of the river water and the view of the tropical forests and vast stretches of rice fields, make Ubud the perfect place for lovebirds. There are so many resorts and hotels that have peaceful and relaxed atmosphere scattered around Ubud.

2. Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Gili Trawangan in Lombok represents a very beautiful island with deserted white sand and clear blue water beaches in Indonesia. This is one of Indonesia top honeymoon destinations. There are three part of Gili in Lombok, but the most popular one is Gili Trawangan.

Beside the beach, Gili Trawangan also offers stunning underwater scenery where you can see natural and colorful coral reefs, some fish species and of course the clear blue water. There are other things that are the hallmarks of Gili Trawangan Lombok when compared to other islands in Indonesia, which are pollution-free. This is because motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden to use here.

3. Pulo Cinta Eco Resort, Gorontalo

A new romantic spot that become a trend in 2019 is the heart shaped island, Pulo Cinta located in Patoameme, Boalemo, Gorontalo. Pulo Cinta is no less romantic and exotic than the Maldives.

Maldives Van Gorontalo is the nickname of Pulo Cinta. Named Pulo Cinta because when viewed from the air, there is a collection of sand in the beach area shaped like a sign of love or a sign of the heart.

The environment is very calm and far from the noise of the city, that makes Pulo Cinta a suitable place for couple getaway destination. Here, you and your partner are guaranteed to never get enough of playing on beautiful beach. Other activities you can do are scuba diving and snorkeling.

4. Ora Beach Eco Resort, Maluku

Some of people said that Ora Beach Eco Resort is an “Indonesian Maldives or Hawaii”. So you can imagine how beautiful the beach is for your big moment. Ora Beach as a tourist destination in Maluku can be categorized as eco or nature tourism. Enjoying the beauty of the surrounding environment, as well as the underwater world, will provide a calm and relaxing holiday sensation.

Couples can relax while enjoying the white stretch of sand in Tanjung Sawai, which is also often used as a diving and snorkeling spot. Not only that, this area also has Manusela National Park. You can do trekking there while enjoying Indonesia’s endless natural wealth.

5. Karimunjawa Islands

Karimunjawa is the best place for couples on Java Island which consists of 27 small islands with beautiful white sand beaches. To get to the most beautiful tourist attractions in Central Java, you can use the bus from Semarang to Jepara for approximately 2 hours drive.

Once you reach Karimunjawa, you will be greeted by clear blue seas and rows of exotic beaches. Popular activities here are diving or snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater scenery. Tired down waters, it’s time to relax and enjoy the soft white sand on the beach.

There are many nice resorts you can choose to spend the nights with your partner, including the Kura Kura Resort and Breveazurine Lagoon Resort which offer a private beach area and water sports facilities. Spending your couple escape moment here will create unforgettable experience.

All in all, just pick one and you’ll be fine.

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