Radisson Blu Hotel Kenya

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No surprises, When you know what to expect from a 5star,  Ive never been disappointed by this chain.
Great service. Very friendly and caring staff.

Did I mention how clean it is? This is a winner.

Great Location. Lots of parking. Less than 20 minutes away from International Airport, ten minutes away from city centre, ten minutes away from Nairobi National Park and Museum, what more can one ask for.

My favourite drink, Hot toddy which I enjoyed at the lobby bar, ooh yeah, they do it right.

If you love meat, accompanied with the finest choice of wine, they have fantastic restaurant located on ground floor called the Chop House.

I enjoyed my evenings listening to  the DJ play music at the balcony, Perfect way to end the day (sundowners moments ).

Loved the spa located on the ground floor which includes sauna and a gym.

You can be in Radisson Blu Kenya, and still feel like you are anywhere in the world.
If you plan to visit Kenya, Nairobi city in particular, be it a night on transit or a week holiday, Radisson Blu Hotel must be in your itinerary.
If you like abit of privacy, consider booking Executive rooms which will give you access to executive Lounge and more extra benefits.
You’ll be very glad, you will thank me later.

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