Plan a 2-day itinerary for your Bangkok trip (Day 2)

Plan a 2-day itinerary for your Bangkok trip (Day 2)

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1. Floating Market Half-Day Trip (Damnoen Saduak)

Didn’t think you’d be leaving the city during your 2 days in Bangkok, now did you?! Any Bangkok itinerary should most definitely include the Floating Market, and although there are a few to choose from, I visited the Damnoen Saduak market and loved it!

2. Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson is an American architect who is mostly known for reviving the Thai silk industry in the 1950s-60s. He relocated to Bangkok in 1948 and aside of being a major player in the silk industry, he also became a prominent collector of the South East Asian art. In 1958, he began the process of building what is now known as the Jim Thompson House, which he originally planned to live in as well as to house his big art collection. The house was built using various wood and recycled structures from all over Thailand, including Ayutthaya.

However, Jim Thompson mysteriously disappeared in 1967 during a vacation to Cameroon Highlands in Malaysia and was never heard from again. Nowadays, the Jim Thompson House has become a museum for his art collection as well as the stunning architecture. Visitors can go inside the house, follow a tour, and learn about the silk industry in Thailand. You can also chill in the restaurant within the house complex afterwards! It’s a great way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

3. Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mountain)

Once you’re back from the Floating Market and have reveled in all things Jim Thompson, if you still have energy, go check out Wat Saket in the late afternoon/early evening. Being one of my favorite stops on our trip (yes, really), it’d be a crime to hide it from all of you, my lovely Bangkok travel blog readers (obviously I want you to have the best time possible, duh).

As noted, this temple was by far one of my favorites in Bangkok, as we visited during sunset and were blessed with the most gorgeous views of the city and temple itself. And at only 20 baht, it’d be an absolute shame to miss this spot. Note that visiting DOES in fact involve a decent amount of uphill stairs, but you’ll be greeted by a memorable panoramic view of Bangkok city from the top. If you need to take a mini break from the stairs, there’s a small cafe/coffee shop to rest your legs (but in all reality, it ain’t really all that bad).

4. Muay Thai Fight

This wouldn’t a complete Bangkok itinerary without mention of the traditional Muay Thai kickboxing fight! Muay Thai literally means “Thai Boxing”, a combat sport that is popular as a form of exercise around the world. Unlike the type of boxing we know in the US, Muay Thai does not only use fists, but it is known as the “art of eight limbs”, characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Ouch!

5. Khao San Road

After the fight, make your way to Khao San Road, known as a famous backpacker district in Bangkok. The 1-km long strip is lined up with budget hostels and mid-range accommodations, as well as street food and shopping. Make sure to pick up any last minute souvenirs at Thanon Khao San Market.

While the scene most definitely isn’t for everyone, even just a short stroll will introduce you to all the riff raff of Khao San Road (think alcohol buckets, flickering neon signs, insects for sale, and more). Don’t leave without getting a foot massage at Charlies; the absolute best after a long day of exploring Bangkok.

And just like that, your two days in Bangkok is already over. But wait, there’s more if you’ve got an extra day or so! Keep on reading, friends!


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