Naivasha Country Club, Kenya.

Naivasha Country Club

Located on the shores of Lake Naivasha on the floor of the great rift valley and approximately 100 kilometers from Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

The Naivasha Country Club is a hotel dating back to the early days of colonialism and is a perfect getaway from the buzz and hustle in the city.

The country club is next to the Enashipai Resort and Spa and has borrowed a lot from the 19th century English architecture. It is also just a few minutes from the crescent islands land parcels inside the lake that have various wildlife includes zebra, wildebeest, gazelles and giraffes and a huge tourist attraction

While staying at the country club you are sure to enjoy the amber evening sunsets over the lake that transform the entire water body into a honey colored water mass, you must wonder the scene in the 1930s when the lake was used as a staging post for Imperial Airways’ flying boat service from Durban to London. During the same timeline you can hear the rumbles from the hippos as they prepare to come out of the water and graze once the sun goes down. While at it enjoy exotic drinks from the bar man whether at the flamingo bar of the pool bar.

The dinner hall is normally arranged in a self service style with an island at the center that allows you to choose from the various assorted vegetables in season. Like any Kenyan hotel there will be a few meat delicacies to choose from. The tables allow up to four guests to sit on one table thus suitable for a small family time or for love birds hoping to enjoy some alone time.

The rooms also display a lot of English culture ranging from the design, the floor types to the curtain and windows. The 8 by 6 bed encourage travellers visiting the hotels to come with their companions. Next to the television hanged on the wall is some Kenyan coffee and tea that those who love to read can sip as you enjoy your literature.

Just nearby for those who would wish to explore is the Naivasha Yacht club across the water body. Most of the activities revolve the lake nearby including boat rides, fishing, sunset cruises and hippo watching. IMG_20151127_161040 20151127_085059 20151127_12420520151127_171317 20151127_085847 (3) 20151127_085029For those who would rather not venture into the water can hike mount Longonot or simply take a walk along the lake.

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