5 must-visit places in Ba Vi, Hanoi, Vietnam

5 must-visit places in Ba Vi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Ba Vi is the northwest most district of Hanoi. It has a large part of Ba Vi mountain range. Far away from Hanoi about 60 kilometers, Ba Vi is associated with the legend of Tan Mountain, Da River, and is a natural gift for the primeval forest of Ba Vi National Park. This is a great weekend destination for many young people interested in exploring nature, as well as for families looking for fun weekend vacations.

1. Ba Vi National Park

Located about 50 kilometers west of the center of the capital, with fresh and cool alpine climate, Ba Vi National Park has become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

In the middle of mountainous hills, there is a high mountain with 3 peaks making Ba Vi, the highest peak is 1,296 m, the top of Tan Vien is 1,227 m, Ngoc Hoa is 1,131 m. The mountains have many waterfalls pour down day and night, forming attractive tourist attractions such as Khoang Xanh, Vua Lake, Nga Stream, Ngoc stream …, all formed into a charming community. A variety of plants and animals are available at Ba Vi National Park. You can explore many interesting places at the places such as Cactus Garden, Ngoc Hoa Cave, Cuc Quy Hill, Bao Thien Tower and Uncle Ho Temple.

Price: VND 60,000/adult
Address: Tay Dang Town, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

2. Thien Son Mountain & Nga Stream

Thien Son – Nga Stream is a beautiful natural wonder, which combines mountains, slides, and waterfalls, 60 kilometers west of Hanoi. This tourist site consists of three parts: Ha Son at the foot of the mountain, Trung Son at the middle of the mountain and Hang Son at the top of the mountain. From Trung Son, follow the water flow about 700 m, you can go up following the waterfall to Ngoa Son. Ngoa Son is a flat land where there is a lake where you can take scenic or leisure fishing. From the top of Ngoa Son, taking the view of far away will cover the majestic scenery of the Ba Vi legend. This is also the place where Cong Troi, the famous waterfall, is like a silver silk band from the top of the mountain.

Price: VND 150,000/adult
Address: Suoi Nga 1 Resort, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

3. Khoang Xanh & Tien Stream

Khoang Xanh is an ecotourism site located on the eastern slope of Ba Vi Mountain. It is in a primeval forest area, about 60 kilometers northwest of Hanoi. The area includes Suoi Tien Water Park, restaurant, hotel for rest, hot bath, and waterfalls.
Green Fairy Suoi Tien set the record for the largest mineral water swimming pool in Vietnam by the Center of Vietnam record book in 2012. In the center of hot spring water, you can take a sauna, swimming in the water tank hot and muddy bath. In addition, Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien offers green, clean dishes for each meal with fruits and vegetables provided by the Muong and Dao ethnic minority people by way of growing organic vegetables.

Price: VND 100,000/person ( height under 1.2 m)
           VND 150,000/adult
Address: Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien Resort, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

4. Vua Lake (King Lake)

King Lake has a beautiful natural scenery with natural spring water flowing all year round from the northern slope of Ba Vi mountain down to about 100 m, through 3 waterfalls and reservoirs.
The Ao Vua Resort with charming natural scenery can become a place you can rest and relax after a day of fun in Ba Vi. There is a hotel system with facilities and outdoor activities give you an exciting experience such as mountain climbing, campfire, wading, boating, crossing the waterfall.

Price: VND 70,000/person ( height under 1.2 m)
           VND 150,000/adult
Address: Ao Vua Xanh Resort, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

5. Suoi Hai Lake

The village is becoming increasingly attractive to tourists and is a growing trend in many countries around the world. In addition to economic and social benefits, this form of tourism also contributes to preserving and promoting unique cultural identities of each region and locality.
In Ba Vi there are agricultural villages, traditional farms and traditional villages such as dairy farms, ostriches, goats, and rabbits; the herbal village of Dao people with more than 300 species of grass collected on Mount Ba Vi; the craft villages in Lieu Chau, Phu Xuyen and Phong Chau; dry buds tea processing in Dong Chay village, Xom Doi village or Minh Hong starch processing village.

Price: VND 10,000/person

Hope with my suggestions above, you can enjoy your Ba Vi trip!


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