DSC_0993 World of Luck.

Ever wondered what is at the East side of the globe, well I visited Philippines Island also known as the world of luck, where the rainbow ends and the leprechaun lives.DSC_0772

For a country that experiences frequent earthquakes and typhoons, this country is beautiful from the sky, on land and has some of the most down to earth people I have ever met.DSC_0991

The people from Philippines are known as the Filipinos and mostly speak Tagalog and English even if though they have more than ten different languages.They were colonized by the Spanish who influenced their culture, and it is 92% Christians.DSC_0811

I visited Manila which is the capital city, and like many countries, there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor, meaning the city is very modern but also has a hug slum .Manila is a fun and great city but the traffic is out of this world.DSC_0861

If you love shopping, you will love visiting the huge malls in manila for example Green Belt and Mall of Asia, and yes there is a china town too.DSC_0880

Two things the Filipinos don’t take lightly are religion and Karaoke. I noticed a church in almost every corner including inside Green Belt mall. DSC_0885

They love karaoke, I tried it but I guess practice makes perfect , its no wonder they are so good at it, am told every bar, pub and restaurant and most homes have a karaoke machine.DSC_0972

The weather in manila is warm and lovely but it can get extremely humid during the day, so be advised to carry light clothing’s .

If you love fish like me, this is your town, fresh fish cooked in all the styles you can ever imagine.DSC_0923

I enjoyed Filipino food especially the one called Adobo, its basically meat coked in vinegar and soy sauce. I tried cooking this but I guess the best chef would have to be from Philippines to bring it out to the perfect taste, the trick comes in measuring the right amount of vinegar and soy sauce so that one doesn’t over power the other.

I spent a whole week in manila, honestly I hope to go back again, I loved the people, they were very friendly and so welcoming.

FYI , if you enjoy water sports and snorkeling, ask your hotel to book a tour for you a day in advance, it really gets busy and overbooked.

Anyway I can give you so many reasons why you should visit Philippines but I guess you have to find out for yourself when life lets you.DSC_0999DSC_1017DSC_1008DSC_0900DSC_0823

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